Falk Kastell is an artist of great sensibility.

In this work he shows us Thorben, a young man, with all his facets. Carefully Falk Kastell is approaching his muse. Lying in the fields of his homeland, Thorben reveals his story to us. Kastell guides us through the images to different places, where further light emits from the facets of his muse.

The depth of his soul is palpable in every image, and in an unattainable way, Kastell achieves to capture this soul.

Thorben´s eyes are crystal clear and penetrate into us, moving and touching us.

It seems as if we could journey through the eyes of the photographer, into the deepest realms of his muse.  Page by page we go deeper.

This work is the greatest declaration of love by an artist to his muse, that i have ever seen.

Prof. Irene Gernsheim

Lugano, 2013


When Thorben was still very new into the world of modelling, I was able to work with him just two weeks after he had signed the contract with his first agency.

Immediately when I saw his early polaroid pictures, I knew that he would be very successful.

He inspired me from the first second, and the energy which enlivens these pictures derives from a thrilling, tangiable, personal and deep human connection.

The concept behind the images is interpreted from his name and from the two great sides of his soul. The divine and the human. Thorben being the son of the thunder god Thor, and Gärtner standing for the most simple tasks humans have been undertaking since their existence, in relation to nature. Thus, he is the perfect connection between the Gods and the humans. Hence, I placed him in the heavens, in-between the earth and sky, and on solid ground.

Because of his artistic impact, I dedicated another book project to him.

The famous Prof. Irene Gernsheim, widow of the well known collector Helmut Gernsheim, founder of the greatest earliest photography collection (which included the first photograph ever taken), wrote a brilliant preface for the book.

Thorben can also be experienced in two short video portraits.