Olympiada is one of my most iconic images.

What is she communicating to you?

A portrait with direct eye contact is the most difficult type of image to create. Especially in photography.

I could take hours to answer all the questions about how I met Olympiada, what she is wearing on her head etc. but all this superficial information would never satisfy the depth of emotion that emanates from her and resounds mysteriously with any viewer. These secrets of spiritual knowledge and movement will remain my unwritten treasures. And besides, it would take years to explain to you exactly how I do it. So please just relax and enjoy this peaceful luxury of emotional freedom, clarity and depth.

Works like these are so totally complete in themselves that they produce enough aesthetic energy as to escape time.

This is the true magic of good and real art. It becomes a window to the soul, a portal into another world, where there are different laws and seasons.

Welcome to my talent.

Welcome to my world...