engel jub

Engelhorn jubilee.

125 years of family run business is a reason to celebrate. Engelhorn did just that and invited four photographers to create artistic  photographs for them, in context to the history and identity of the business.

Falk Kastell was the newcomer in a group of three more, well known photographers. Horst Hamann, Sabine Kress and Gerhardt Vormwald  had also been invited to create a body of work.

Before this project started it was Horst Hamann, who discovered one single photograph from Falk Kastell. This image convinced him. He went on to propose Falk to the commitee of the Engelhorn company. It was at that point that Falk was informed and Voilá, after one year of careful planning and production, Falk´s pictures were hung in the most prominent spot and many images were sold out by the end of the opening event.