one line



To draw a line is really easy for everyone, but to go ahead and stretch that line, filling it with life is on a whole new level. Not everyone can do that. Many artists of the past have been great draftsmen and have tried similar techniques with varying results and refinement.


I started many years ago developing this technique from scratch, with no intention to imitate any preceeding artist. Ever since then, i have steadily refined it.


The amount of information which can be put into a single line is enormous and its even mind blowing to me at times what can be achieved by it.


It is one of my greatest pleasures, because it means to literally walk on a fine line. The longer you can hold this concentration the greater the reward. But beware, you will know yourself and the boundaries of your understanding by doing this.


Failure is immediately visible and most people will be easily discouraged to continue. There is no space for error.


One line is the absolute masterclass of any artform, because it means to simplify everything and bring it to one single point, which is constantly moving. Just like a human being living from beginning to end, being a single dot in history and carving his way into mankind.


The line you trace with your hand is the story that goes on in your head.

The clearer you see, know and feel, the greater the quality of the line will be, that flows out of your hand.